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Boldaxyl 300 - Boldenone Undecylenate - Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India
Kalpa Pharmaceuticals LTD, India

Boldaxyl 300

Manufacturer: Kalpa Pharmaceuticals, India
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate
Pack: 10 ml vial (300 mg/ml)

70.00 USD  
Buy 5+ for 66.50 USD and save 17.50 USD
Turanabol - 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone - Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Balkan Pharmaceuticals


Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Substance: 4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Pack: 100 tabs (10 mg/tab)

50.00 USD  
Buy 5+ for 47.50 USD and save 12.50 USD
Dianabol 20 mg - Methandienone - Dragon Pharma, Europe
Dragon Pharma, Europe

Dianabol 20 mg

Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Methandrostenolone
Pack: 100 tabs (20mg/tab)

53.00 USD  
Buy 5+ for 50.35 USD and save 13.25 USD
Out of stock
Sustamed 10ml - Testosterone Decanoate - Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Sustamed 10ml

Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Testosterone Propionate,Testosterone Phenylpropionate,Testosterone Isocaproate,Testosterone Decanoate
Pack: 10 ML Vial (250 mg/ml)
55.00 USD  
Buy 5+ for 52.25 USD and save 13.75 USD
Out of stock

Injectable Steroids

Injectables are the cornerstone of all Anabolic steroids usage. Injectables serve as the most direct and consistent way for users to experience. all the benefits of Anabolic Steroids. Injectables are synthetic hormones carried by different esters. The different esters determine how long the hormone will stay in one’s body. The longer the ester, the less often a user would have to inject. while a shorter ester have the benefits of getting out of the system. for testing and water retention purposes. The rule of thumb is one should bulk with a long ester and cut with a short ester.

Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone (gh) is formed in the pituitary gland as a result of the stimulus of a hormone released from the hypothalamus, Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone. This is transported to the pituitary gland which then releases Growth Hormone into the circulation. There is another hormone, Somatostatin, released by the hypothalamus, which reduces the amount of Growth Hormone formed and these two hormones control the level of Growth Hormone in the circulation.

Oral Steroids

Steroids taken Oral have a half-life of several hours. while injected steroids have a half-life of several days. Steroids loss usually come on the form of a pill. Oral steroids are usually used as stacking agents on top of injectables. to enhance the effect of injectables. furthermore, some orals such as Anavar Winstrol actually reduces the unwanted water retention. brought in by some injectables. All in all, Orals steroids provide a convenient. and easy way of taking steroids without the hassle of pinning oneself.

Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids are basically synthetic versions of the male hormone testosterone. They have two main effects on the human body; an anabolic, or muscle building, effect and an androgenic, or masculinising, effect. The realisation that increases in weight and strength can be achieved by their use led to a widespread use of steroids in sport and today there is hardly a strength sport in which anabolic steroids have not been used. Their availability from illicit sources has made them readily available and now they are so widespread that they can be found in most areas where serious training is being pursued. Nowadays the biggest group of users are probably non-competitive users whose reason for use is purely cosmetic. Anabolic steroids are not the same as corticosteroids (such as cortisone and prednisolone) which are medically prescribed to treat asthma and skin disorders or as anti-inflammatories.

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Dear Friends, We are pleased to inform you that we have New Kalpa Injectable Special Offers: Testoxyl Cypionate 250, Sustaxyl 350, Trenboxyl Acetate 100. Promo time is limited.

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